Exhaust System Info

Why Outback Exhausts?

Outback Exhausts is a 5 year old brand, the manufacturers of which have been making and designing premium exhaust systems coming out of Australia for the past 15 years.

The manufacturers are the original designers of more than 70% of the Redback 4X4 exhausts (Pre Extreme) and Lukey 4WD ranges. Outback Exhausts was created to market to the general public. 

Icarus Imports are proud to be the sole New Zealand distributor of Outback Exhausts and have put in place strategies allowing the delivery of a premium product at mid tier pricing, delivering great advantages to our customers.


How They're built

The manufacturing process used at Outback Exhaust's in Australia delivers significant advantages over other systems. 


All of the tubing used in the manufacture of Outback Exhausts are single piece ERW (Electric Resistance Welding ) mandrel bent tube. The means there are no mid-section butt welds in the pipe run. This provides significant improvemet as having disruptions to the flow in the system creates turbulence and produces an adverse effect on optimum back-pressure figures and flow rates, reducing the potential performance improvements.


The Flanges used in the system are 2 and 3 bolt 8mm thick flange plates. Three bolt flanges are only used above the chassis and near the engine with 2 bolt flanges being used along the underside of the vehicle. Experience shows that 2 bolt flanges have a far smaller chance for the bolts to catch on anything below the vehicle.

4 bolt flanges are not used in Outback Exhaust Systems as it has been found that these flanges add weight to the exhaust system effecting the gross vehicle mass and negating some of the improvements that the installation of a new system is trying to achieve. 4 bolt flanges are also adding more bolts that can catch on obstacles, potentially damaging the exhaust system.

Sensor ports

All Outback Exhausts systems that run off the turbo face come with a 1/8NPT pyro boss pre welded to the tube wall with a screw in bung pre inserted.


    Stainless Steel

    The stainless steel used is 409 grade.

    This is due to the fact that 409 stainless suffers less potential embrittlement due to heat cycling that 304 stainless does. The oxide layer that forms on its surface is a protective barrier that will naturally replace itself if damaged. For more information on the chromium oxide layer click here.

    304 stainless offer minimal aesthetic advantages in that it may be polished.